Prepare for your Photoshoot

Below are some tips and tricks to help make your photoshoot go as smoothly as possible.

Family and Children

Children are wonderful! They can also have rough days and that's completely okay! I expect to take breaks and go at their speed. If you think it would help feel free to bring snacks, drinks, favorite toys, or snuggle blankets. please prepare for inclement weather ahead of time! Nothing can make a photoshoot go south quicker than everyone being miserable! I often take photos in unpaved areas and rough terrain, please wear appropriate footwear and tell me if you are not comfortable! The most important thing to remember is to RELAX if you are stressed then your kids will be stressed. Please don't worry about running, jumping and playing with dirt and rocks I purposefully take photos of these moments and they often become cherished memories.


If doing portraits of children please review above info about families and children. Headshots and Seniors are allowed outfit changes, feel free to take advantage but understand I do not provide changing rooms nor do I guarantee privacy from others. If needed please bring makeup and hair tools for touch-ups as we go along. Maternity photos will be treated like a Senior session with one outfit change if doing a full session. I do not provide gowns or dresses but I am happy to help you find exactly what you need within your budget!

Labor and Delivery/ Newborns

I have been through fertility treatments, labor and delivery, and the recovery that goes along with both. At one point in my life I was a Certified Nursing Assistant and trust me I have seen it ALL! I want you to feel comfortable knowing I will be CONTINUOUSLY taking photos during your labor and delivery. I will ask permission before posting to social platforms and I will keep private things private.

Lifestyle Newborn Photoshoots should be done within the first 14 days of arrival and can be done in your home or mine. I will need access to lots of natural light and an outlet near that light. Please have your baby in a clean diaper (if possible), Fed and burped (again if possible) prior to my arrival.

Fresh 48 Sessions must happen within the first 48 hours of arrival these are usually in the hospital, unless you have a home birth at which point this would take place in the home 48 hours from delivery. A Fresh 48 is NOT the same as a newborn session and is non transferrable.